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September 14, 2021
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September 14, 2021

Write 4 pages thesis on the topic ugly feelings and rushmore. The lens assignment is done according to five main steps. The first step entails Analyzing The Lens. Lens A illustrates the viewpoints in Ugly Feelings. The concepts illustrated in lens A, are used in analyzing lens B. lens B in this task illustrates the analysis of the film Rushmore. The second step involves analyzing the film. while recollecting ideas expressed in lens A, Ugly Feelings. Step three involves explaining the connection between lens A and lens B. that is the relationship between viewpoints in Ugly Feelings and Rushmore. The fourth step illustrates the evidence supporting the relationships between lens A and B. the fifth step entails illustrating the main areas of connection, and then the conclusion of the relationship.

Several issues are illustrated in Sinnae Ngai’s literary work. Ugly Feelings is the benchmark for understanding the film. hence lens A. Ugly Feeling has two major issues. The first issue entails understanding how artists and writers in different media outlets have shown ugly feelings that are not analyzed by critics. The second issue explains that through engaging feelings, the artists understand the weaknesses of art. This ensures “several of these negative effects for their critical productivity” (Sianne 3). Most critics study works having big feelings and mistakes. Rushmore entails comedy work produced in 1998 by Wes Anderson. The film describes the relationship between Max Fisher, Herman Blume, and Rosemary Cross. Max Fisher is a teenager. Herman Blume is depicted as an established industrialist. Rosemary Cross is an elementary school teacher. The teacher experiences mutual love from Max and Herman (Kehr 72).

Ngai effectively illustrates three negatives that enhance ugly feelings. experiential negativity, semantic negativity, and syntactic negativity. Experiential negativity ensures pain. This negativity is illustrated in lens B, Rushmore, effectively. Illustration of Blume’s life in the movie shows emotional pain.

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