Research on religion-accommodative counseling: Review and meta-analysis. Journal of Counseling Psychology,
October 14, 2021
For this Assignment, you will be interviewing a law enforcement officer involved in drug law enforcement and creating a minimum 15-slide
October 14, 2021

ttps:// theCounty Health Rankingswebsite.THE COUNTY IS : BEAUFORT COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINAFor the county you live in, present the data on two health issues you think need to be improved. Then discuss who should serve on a coalition to address the two health issues you have presented. For example, if you plan to address drinking and driving maybe you would include law enforcement, MADD, ER personnel, etc.Make sure to research your response rather than simply stating your opinion. Please include at least three in-text citations and the full references at the bottom of your post.Your initial post should be a minimum of 500 words.


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