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September 14, 2021
Why did Alexander the Great give the soldier who saved the hat band a reward? Why did he then order…
September 14, 2021

In this project, you will create a script that validates whether a credit card number contains only integers. Th e script will remove dashes and spaces from the string. After the dashes and spaces are removed,the script should reject the credit card number if it contains any other non-numeric characters.


echo “<p>Credit Card Number ” .

$CreditCardNumber . ” is a valid

Credit Card number.</p>”;



8. Save the document as ValidateCreditCard.php in the Projects directory for Chapter 3 and upload the fi le to the server.

9. Open ValidateCreditCard.php in your Web browser by enter-ing the following URL:

http://<yourserver>/PHP_Projects/Chapter.03/Projects/ValidateCreditCard.php Test the script to see if it displays a message for an empty string, strips dashes and spaces from the credit card numbers, and identifies which credit cardnumbers are valid.

10. Close your Web browser windows.


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