week 5 small post 2
September 14, 2021
Compare and contrast diabetic foot care between Nursing and Podiatrist in terms of the roles.
September 14, 2021

Submit the essay in a Word document with the file name in this format: LASTNAME_GSC 501 Final Essay.docx. Please use double-space, 12pt font of your choice. This is an argumentative paper and an article to be published in the student journalQuestion: In order to act strategically, that is, to act with the intent of achieving an outcome supportive of one’s preferences, one must have some understanding of the system in which one acts. The contemporary age is characterized by the rapid arrival of new technology. In a 1250-2000 word essay, explain your understanding of how the advancing technology is changing the global security environment and what implications these changes have for conflict and strategy.”This is not a research paper and does not require reviewing material not included in the course.


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