Post and describe at least one advantage and one disadvantage of each living arrangement (i.e., independent living, assisted living, and living with an adult child).
October 15, 2021
data science amp big data analy 6
October 15, 2021

1. Initial posting – Health assessment varies per system and per age of the patient. The musculoskeletal history and exam also differs based on age of the patient.Discuss the musculoskeletal assessment of the following ages. Be sure to address all four patients. Include history questions to ask andat least 3 pertinent physical exam findingsyou would assess for each patient. What maneuvers would you perform? What are normal and abnormal findings?1. A 2 day old infant2. A 12 year old child3. A 35 year old patient4. A 65 year old patientAPA format 250 words citing and references used correctly


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