intro to cur amp inst for the early child classroom
September 23, 2021
Select one of the descriptive/observational approaches to research that you read about this week. Then, prepare a written assessment to discuss how you might use this approach to explore your chosen topic of interest.
September 23, 2021

 I need to complete 3 research articles, which means I have to do 3 complete rows, 3 citations, 3 abstract/purpose, ect… , the sections are listed below, provide references
This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment. 
Locate no more than 10 research articles related to your EBP project.
Use the assigned Topic Materials “CLC: EBP Research Table” and “CLC Assignment: Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Project Student Guide.” You will use the “CLC: EBP Research Table” to consolidate and present the findings. Pay attention to the prompts for each column
CLC: EBP Research Table
Include the APA reference   note.
Craft a 100-150 word   summary of the research.
Describe the design of   the relevant research or study in the article.
Describe the methods   used, including tools, systems, etc.
Identify the population   and  the setting in which the study was conducted.
Identify the relevant   findings, including any specific data points that may be of interest to your   EBP project.
Describe the independent   and dependent variables in the research/study.
Implication for Practice
Articulate the value of   the research to the EBP project your group has chosen.
Independent   Variable
Dependent   Variable
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