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September 14, 2021
Project 1: stamp design | English homework help
September 14, 2021

After examining the Purdue University material on annotated bibliographies, create a brief annotated bibliography to support your final paper topic. Your annotated bibliography should contain a minimum of five sources, including at least one of each of the following:

A credible website

An academic source from one of the databases offered through Thomas Edison State University

A source found through Google Scholar

In your annotation for each source, briefly summarize it; describe its usefulness, reliability, and objectivity; and tell how it fits into your paper.

Use the Module 4 resources to cite all sources fully and correctly in either MLA or APA style (based on what your mentor instructed in the Private Student-Mentor Forum during Week 2). Accuracy of citations will count for more of your grade in this assignment than it did in Written Assignment 3. [MO 4.2]


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