Describe the advantages and disadvantages of dams and other river diversions in terms of extraction service from water sheds. How do these disrupt ecosystem function? Compare the current situation in the US as compared to East Asia.
October 14, 2021
discussion developing your design solution 1
October 14, 2021


Aspects of western culture that make it difficult for people to “fit in

I.Introduction:Westernization has been a major movement, especially for the African nations. Following rapid globalization and integration of countries fitting in different cultures has become a critical need for social and economic success.


Difficult Aspects of Western Culture

Naturally, Western people are extroverts. Western culture commonly supports people who are extroverted rather than introverts. What evidence do you have to support this statement?

Western culture is considered to threaten the traditions of other cultures like the Muslim culture. Evidence?

Western culture values a high level of freedom on issues of marriage and sexuality. Evidence?

The aspects of freedom extend beyond the elements of sexuality and abortion instead of gender. In the Western nations, gender bias is on a smaller scale compared to the other countries especially the third world nations, Hispanic and Asian culture. How do you know this is the case?

Other factors that affect the ability to fit in fully are the wrong conception of Western culture. What are these other factors?

Western culture is potentially different from other cultures like Eastern and African cultures. The differences are mainly settled on aspects like technology, food, dressing, communication, politics, gender, media and other elements This is repetitive. You already pointed out that Western culture is different. If you are going to address specific differences, make that clear in the introduction.

III.Recommendations on Western Culture Assimilation

People should learn what aspects of original culture to keep and what they should let go.

  • The approach to quickly adopt is to develop the willingness to learn and unlearn

People should understand that Western culture is not just one monolith as it varies from one nation to another like from Finland, Spain, and the USA among other Western nations.

These recommendations should not be based on your opinion-opinion, feelings and beliefs have no place in an objective research paper. If you find recommendations that support your recommendations listed here, that is the evidence you should use.




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