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September 14, 2021
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September 14, 2021

The topic is ” Do men and women speak differently? what is the difference?

General guidelines

The references must include but not limited to 2 books, 5 articles from recognized published periodicals, and no more than 3 internet sources or websites. Published peer- reviewed periodicals may be found in on-line libraries in which case they are not counted as strictly on-line sources. The same principle applies to the books whose chapters may be printed out of an internet source. This is a literature review research paper. It consists of the following parts:

1. Introduction

2. The body of the paper

 Please use titles or subtitles for different sections of the research. Do not report only the interpretations that fit own opinion, deliberately leaving out everything that goes against their interpretation.

Use the MLA format. Refer to yourself as “researcher”, “this writer”.

3. Conclusion

 If applicable (descriptive papers do not require your opinion), you must report what you think now after completing your research: How many different views are there? Do you still hold your previous position? What did you learn? What did you fail to learn? Did you change your mind?

4. Works citied

 Works cited section is essential to this paper. The MLA format is a requirement for this course. Include all the copies of your journal articles as well as the copies of the internet materials. 

  If you conduct your own research, analysis of the data should follow the procedures section. What does the analysis reveal? What patterns if any can be identified? Any surprises? Do your data differ from the data in other research? Reporting anything interesting, unusual, or otherwise that your research suggests.


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