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September 14, 2021
Wellness Strategies Brochure and Reflection
September 14, 2021

Research and select one article from a professional journal on the topic of juvenile offenders transferred into adult criminal
court jurisdiction. This paper requires APA style format, including citing key points and material from the source using APA
formatted in-text citations and listing the reference in this style format.
The paper is to consist of a minimum two full pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. The article
review should be written in paragraph format. The paper should include an introduction of the article, present several key
points from the article, and summarize the article’s conclusion. The conclusion should include your perspective on this
issue, and your opinion of the article.
The CSU Online Library is the recommended source to research a professional journal for this assignment. Grading of the
Article Review is based on the CSU Grading Rubric for Article Review. Papers are submitted for electronic evaluation to
rule out any academic integrity violations. Links to access the Academic Policy and the Grading Rubric are accessible
through the Student Portal and the course. The Student Success Center is a resource available to assist with academic
writing and APA format application. The CSU librarians are able to help with your research using the CSU Online Library.

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