You and Mr. Wood attend a meeting of the hospital’s public relations (PR) committee. This PR committee wants to initiate an in-house and community campaign in celebration of the hospital’s 25th year of operation. T
October 14, 2021
 Choose one phenomenon or issue that a client may be dealing with (for example, depression, anxiety, or family conflict).
October 14, 2021

Select 1 of the following scenarios for the focus of your assignment:

Teach a teenager how to prepare dinner (including meal planning, shopping, and cooking).
Teach a 12-year-old boy how to wake up on time and get ready for school.
Teach a 25-year-old how to create and maintain a budget.
Teach a 40-year-old how to create an exercise regime and learn about healthy eating.Choose a learning theory to teach the skill in the scenario you selected.

Create a PowerPoint® presentation that explains how you used each concept in the theory to teach the skill. Your presentation must include the following sections:

The problem – What is the problem you are trying to solve?
The skill – What is the skill that needs to be taught and why is this skill important?
Theory – What is your approach to a solution and why did you chose the theory you did?
Options – How will you teach this skill according to the theory you selected? Based on this theory, what are your options?
Alternatives – How would you approach a solution with other theories outlined in the course? Why is your theory a better approach?Action Plan – What specific steps will you take to teach the skill based on the principles of the theory? How does the effect of media on learning influence how you design your action plan?
Evaluation – How will you evaluate the progress of the action plan after you have taught the skill?
Reflection – Reflect on this case and how it relates to previous learning experiences you have had. Is there an example in your previous learning experience where you would have chosen this approach as opposed to how you were taught?

Include at least 15 slides in your presentation not including a title slide and a slide for references. Also, include Speaker notes to clarify the content on your slides. Provide graphics or charts where appropriate in your presentation.

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