Explain ethical concerns that may impact your work on this case. Be sure to cite relevant APA Ethical Guidelines, Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology and/or Multicultural Competence Guidelines located within the Week 2 Learning Resources.
October 15, 2021
What relations of care need to be maintained or developed? Their are three cases and each case needs to be at least a paragraph long and answer to the best of your knowledge.
October 15, 2021

Developing a philosophy of education (and learning how to enact it) will be an ongoing challenge of your teaching career. For this assignment, you will submit at least 2 pages (double spaced) that outline your philosophy of education. Some questions you may want to consider: 1) What is the purpose of school?; 2) What does it mean to teach/learn?; 3) What is the role of school in society?; 4) What does it mean to be a teacher?; 5) What does it mean to be a student? Disclaimer: You do not have respond to all of these questions; they are merely food for though


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