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September 14, 2021
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September 14, 2021

Part 6: UNESCO Workshop (Presentation)Now, you will bring together the research you have completed during the duration of this course. Your final deliverable for this project with be a multimedia presentation of the previous responses using effective presentation skills and for your UNESCO audience. Your presentation should:Present a well-organized and engaging summary of your work in the form of a narrated recorded presentation in PPT or another format.Contain at least ten slides, including an introduction a conclusion.Include engaging visuals that complement the content and are mindful of the audience.Be between 15 and 20 minutes long. You may use PowerPoint to narrate your presentation or use a screen casting software to make a video. There are some resources to help you with this below.Include a written transcript of what you say in your presentation.Include citations for your sources using MLA style.Show evidence that you have edited and proofed each slide and your transcript for standard use of English and thought about the use of Standard English in your narration.Resources to help you with the project:Sample PPT with NotesWebsite for help with designing a PPTAdding narration to a PPTUsing iSpring for Voice RecordingsIntroduction to SmartArt GraphicsConvert Slide Text to a SmartArt GraphicDue Date for Part 6: Wednesday 6pm


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