discussion what experiences have you had with system changes either in the university setting or work environment
October 14, 2021
Would you expect to see an increase or decrease in CO2 emissions in the data over the past 40 years?
October 14, 2021

Topic: Is America Divided?

-Watch America Divided Season 1, Episode 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3VYbFWsznI

-This episode discusses police misconduct and violence and community violence in Chicago, housing, poverty, and homelessness in New York City, and the water crisis in Flint.

-In your own words 2 pages double spaced, discuss whether America is a divided nation. Support your argument by watching America Divided, Season 1, Episode 1, as well as doing research on the topic. The paper should be 2 pages double spaced. Please list your sources (websites, books, newspaper and magazine articles, etc.) on a separate page. Make sure when using the exact words of someone else to use quotation marks. This is an opinion paper; your thoughts on the topic. Please do not plagiarize.

Also, please do not provide a summary of what happens during the episode. your opinion on the topic. I do not want a recap of the episode.

Sources-Provide your sources on a separate page

Website-provide web address

Book-Provide title and name of author

Newspaper and magazine article-provide title of article, name of newspaper/magazine, web address (if applicable)


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