Memo to their supervisor identifying the health issues which result from smoking and the impact on a workplace
October 14, 2021
October 14, 2021

Please Open all pages:Overview:Topic:A gap in efficiency related to rising cost of pharmaceuticals for the aging populationPrompt:In this milestone, you will identify and analyze an initiative that addresses the gap you chose as the topic for your final project. Explain what the initiative is, identify the goals of the initiative, describe the circumstances around its development, and identify sources of funding.Your milestone should address each of the following points in detail:• Explain an existing healthcare initiative that was put in place to address this gap in access.• Explain the specific goals of the existing initiative in place to address this gap in access.• Describe the circumstances around the development of the existing initiative. Consider when the initiative was developed and what factors were considered.• Describe the resources required to fund the existing initiative.• Explain why the existing initiative is not meeting its intended purpose and now requires improvement.
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