Finland has a land area of 117943 square miles. If the total area of Finland is130,128 square miles, what percent…
September 13, 2021
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September 13, 2021

Exercise 10.4: Classification of Synovial Joints 9. Match the description of the synovial joint listed in column with the corresponding classification listed in column B. Colume A Calum 1. biaxial oval convex and concave a bal-and-socket 2. multiaxial head it into a socket to condylar 3. multiaxiatresembles the shape of a saddle c. hinge 4 uniaxial convex and concave surfaces d. pivot 5. uniaxial: round surface in ring e plane 6. uniaxial, two flat surfaces 1 saddle 10. Which of the following correctly pairs the classification of a synovial joint with an example of its location? Circle one.) 10 a ball-and-socket, elbow joint b. hinge shoulder joint c. pivot atlantoaxial joint d. plane: radiocarpal joint e. saddle; knee joint Exercise 10.5: Practicing Synovial Joint Movements 11. For the following synovial joints, list the types of movement allowed at the joint ſec, flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, rotation) Synovial Joint Type of Movement Shelder Knee Carpats Whist Ankle Anastasis Katepalaga Metacarpalphalangeal Tham 12. Match the description of the joint movement listed in column A with the appropriate definition listed in column B. 11 Column A Column B 1. angle of the joint decreases a. abduction 2. movement of limb away from the midline b. adduction 3. angle of the joint increases C. circumduction 4. movement of limb toward the midline d. extension 5. limb pivots around its long axis e. flexion 6. distal part of a limb moves in a circle f. rotation

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