Which one of the following vehicles would generate the greatest amount of carbon tax?
October 14, 2021
But independently of the richness, the eveneness is comparing the number of individuals between species. If thare are a lot of individuals in a few species and just a little number of individuals in the others species, the evenness will be low.
October 14, 2021

The above figure is an oxygen cycle which shows the both the processes

Respiration- Respiration is a process in which the O2O2 molecule gets inhaled by the animal body. Then it is taken to the Alveolar space inside the lungs.

From there it is taken by the blood capillaries and then the oxygenated blood is circulated throughout the animal body.

After this the Deoxygenated blood / CO2CO2 rich blood is collected from all the parts of the body and is back transported to the alveolar space via blood capillaries.

After this the CO2CO2 is exhaled.

Photosynthesis- The CO2CO2 is taken up by the open pores on the surface of leaf known as stomata (singu. stoma) guarded by the guard cells.

The plant body also takes up many other things such as water and sunlight for preparation of its food.This could be expressed as follows-

6CO26CO2 + 12H2O12H2O  C6H12O2C6H12O2 + 6H2O6H2O + 6O26O2

After this the oxygen molecule is back released in and again it is inhaled by us. This cycle repeats and carbon and oxygen cycle through the atmosphere.

You may want to read about the and see .

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