Process analysis why the Clinical Nurse Specialist role is a concept in evolutions and address ethical decision making
October 14, 2021
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October 14, 2021

Part 1
1 – Why is scientific research important in community psychology? Provide an example of scientific research in community psychology (from a peer-reviewed journal article). Discuss what method of research was used and explain how the findings of this study support community psychology’s goals. Please provide an APA-style citation for your article, including the permalink.
Part 2
2 –
Visit the Community Toolbox (
Why is a needs assessment an important step in community intervention? Discuss some of the different methods that can be used to complete a needs assessment. Choose one of the examples listed under the ‘Examples’ tab and summarize the information that was assessed from two community assessments. How did the two assessments you read about compare (discuss similarities and differences)?

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