Unit 2 assignment: why is it murder? (crj204 introduction to criminal
October 14, 2021
Based on background research and an extensive literature review, you have come up with the following hypothesis: If a lake is located directly adjacent to an agricultural field, then it will have higher levels of phosphorous in the water than lakes located more than 500 meters from an agricultural site.
October 14, 2021

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the writing will be at least 6 pages

Format: 12 points, double spaced .


1. Introduction : Establish the importance of the topic / Include history, statistics, and key facts / Provide a concise statement of the paper’s purpose(s), the contributions the paper makes to the practitioners.

2. Best Practices/News/Trends between Dec. 2016 ~ April. 2017 : Include industry news and articles (source should be included in the body and in the reference section, APA style) / Should be from at least more than five sources.

3. Discussion/Conclusion : Based on the analyses of the current state, best practices, and news/ trends, the following should be included: 1) findings, 2) any possible barriers/issues/problems associated with the findings, 3) forecast of future (suggest creative tactics that can be applied in the new trends).

4. Reference ): List source of your references (Sources should be reliable and formatted in APA style). Format: 12 points, double spaced .

Web Sites of Potential Resources:

• Hotels: HotelNewsNow (HNN): http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/ The magazine of the Worldwide Hotel Industry: www.hotelsmag.com Page 2 of 3 • Nation’s Restaurant News: www.nrn.com

• SmartBrief: http://www.smartbrief.com/

• QSR: www.qsrmagazine.com

• American Hotel and Lodging Association – The leading lodging industry association in North America. It provides information on hotel development and management trends and practices. http://www.ahla.com/.

• International Hotel and Restaurant Association – The leading global association for the hospitality industry, offers the timely global trends in hospitality development and management. www.ih-ra.com.

• Washington, DC Hotel Association – Local hotel association servicing the members of the lodging industry in DC. www.hawdc.com • Any popular business or news media (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, etc.,)

• Journal of Foodservice Business Research

• Cornell Hospitality Quarterly

• International Journal of Hospitality Management

• International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

• Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research

• International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration

• Journal of Tourism Management

• Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing


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