f you had the authority to establish rules governing interactions between health care providers and pharmaceutical representatives, what rules would you set? What are the major ethical issues that arise in that particular relationship?
October 14, 2021
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October 14, 2021

Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Project
Be sure to read all of the instructions. There are two documents to be prepared and submitted.
1.     Following steps 1-11 of the Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Guide in the course textbook (pp. 171-174), develop a risk assessment for a serious workplace hazard with which you are familiar, or use Addendum D to Chapter 11 (pp. 202-206) to help you select a hazard.
2.     Evaluate the hazard and its associated risks, and then complete the Hazard Analysis and Risk Analysis Project form (click here to access this form). To complete the Initial Risk Assessment and Post Control Risk Assessment sections, use the following codes based on the Risk Assessment Matrix in Table 11.10 (p.180) of the textbook:
1 – Catastrophic
2 – Critical
3 – Marginal
4 – Negligible
PROBABILITY (Likelihood of Occurrence):
A – Frequent
B – Probable
C – Occasional
D – Remote
E – Improbable
H – High
S – Serious
M – Medium
L – Low
All sections of the form must be completed.
Note that the “Post Control Risk Assessment Measures” section reflects the risk assessment AFTER applying the additional control measures.
2. In a separate document of at least 500 words, explain the reasoning behind how you filled out each section of the form. Use references as needed to support the discussion.
Be sure that the discussion document is in APA format with a title page and a reference page.

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