For this week’s newspaper article, you decided to write about environmental health. You chose this topic because there is a lot of talk around town about “fracking”.
October 14, 2021
Discuss the connection between being a transformative leader and your positionality. Include at least 3 social identities (at least one must be one of power and privilege) – How do these characteristics inform your decision making?
October 14, 2021

An epicyclic train of gears is arranged as shown in
Fig.13.11. How many revolutions does the arm, to which the pinions B and
C are attached, make :
1. when A makes one revolution clockwise and D makes half a
revolution anticlockwise, and
2. when A makes one revolution clockwise and D is stationary ?
The number of teeth on the gears A and D are 40 and 90

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