What would be the maximum prison sentence and fines that any individual would face?
October 14, 2021
hiring top talent and the process for developing top talent
October 14, 2021

Using the selected articles in the University Library, research and review various government and academic reports detailing the emergency management response to Hurricane Katrina.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you:

Emergency management response to Hurricane Katrina.
Select 1 or 2 examples of initial responses specifically related to the emergency management event (police/fire) within the first 24 hours of the event.
Summarize the timeline of the response.
Integrate terms related to emergency management utilized in the article(s).
Critique the overall outcome of the response(s) by assessing the impact of emergency management.
Develop a logical argument for 2 alternative courses of action.
Provide support.

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