4 Page Essay
September 14, 2021
Derive the transfer function of the closed-loop system in problem 3. Find the roots of the characteristic equation. State your observation on the relative stability of the closed loop system
September 14, 2021

Discussion:Bullying prevention is a growing research field that investigates the complexities and consequences of bullying.ÿ There is also a complex relationship between bullying and suicide.Visitÿhttp://www.stopbullying.gov/resources/index.htmlÿand identify resources for preventing bullyingÿand assisting children who have been bullied.Instructions:Post your discussion to the Moodle Discussion Forum.ÿÿWord limit 500 words.ÿÿSupport your answers with the literature and provide citations and references in APA format.ÿÿReply to at least two other student posts with a reflection of their response.


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