together,hospitality,tourism and events are one of Australia’s largest recent times these industries have been faced with many challenges.Examine these
October 14, 2021
please answer 4 questions
October 14, 2021

The Species Approach to Sustaining Biodiversity
Review the following statements and choose one that best describes your feelings towards wildlife.Defend the statement you choose by providing at least three reasons for your point of view.

As long as it stays in its space, wildlife is okay.
As long as I do not need its space, wildlife is okay.
I have the right to use wildlife habitat to meet my own needs.
When you have seen one redwood tree, elephant, or any other form of wildlife, you have seen them all, so lock up a few of each species in a zoo or wildlife park and don not worry about protecting the rest.
Wildlife should be protected.

The Ecosystem Approach to Sustaining Biodiversity
The harmful effects of deforestation can reduce biodiversity and the ecological services provided by forests on a global scale. Characteristics of deforestation include acceleration of flooding in surrounding areas, regional climate change from extensive clearing of forested areas, decreased soil fertility from erosion, and premature extinction of species. Discuss the prevalence of deforestation and its consequences in the US. Using course materials and web resources, discuss ways in which deforestation is being addressed and offer your opinion of ways efforts may be improved.

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