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September 14, 2021
The textbook makes a comparison of various healthcare settings such as the hospital, nursing homes, and hospice, but there are many other settings that exist. Research and select another type of healthcare setting, and discuss service delivery models in t
September 14, 2021


The Perception Psychologists and Illusions


The study of perception from the perspectives of several schools of thought, including experimental psychology, physiological psychology, and Gestalt psychology. The discussion must provide a broad look at how psychology has studied perception, and clearly shows that what we experience through our senses can be quite different from what we perceive mentally.


Answer the following questions and separate by question:

 How does the study of illusions shed light on the various perceptual and sensory processes?



 In what way does knowledge about illusions help to answer the question of whether or not perception is primarily a physiological or cognitive function?




1.5 pages minimum and two peer-reviewed references



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