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September 14, 2021
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September 14, 2021

Chapter 12 Discussions
1. Some people say that chatbots are inferior for chatting. Others disagree. Discuss.
2. Discuss the financial benefits of chatbots.
3. Discuss how IBM Watson will reach 1 billion people by 2018 and what the implications of that are.
Compare the chatbots of Facebook and WeChat. Which
has more functionalities?
Research the role of chatbots in helping patients with
Microsoft partners with the government of Singapore
to develop chatbots for e-services. Find out how this is
Chapter 13 Discussions
1. Compare the IoT with regular Internet.
2. Discuss the potential impact of autonomous vehicles on
our lives.
3. Why must a truly smart home have a bot?
4. Why is the IoT considered a disruptive technology?
APA style
This is from a textbook called Analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence Systems for decision support 11E by Ramesh Sharda

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