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September 14, 2021
The Assignment (2 pages):•Using the NOHS Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals, develop a narrative assessment of the nonfamily member genogram you completed in Week 1.•Explain the cultural influences in family dynamics and relationships prese
September 14, 2021

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that explains how Human Services professionals engage clients and the community in the helping process while using specific skills to influence client access to engagement of services. Include the following in your paper:Explain how human services professionals engage clients and the community in the helping process.Describe the stages of the helping process.Identify the specific helping skills that can be used with clients.Explain how client personal history and perceptions influence access and engagement of services.

Provide a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


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