Community Nursing DB#6
October 15, 2021
Please note: early childhood professionals can always use additional assessments and you must discuss additional assessment needs for this child. You should use the template provided for your project.
October 15, 2021

Briefly describe the process of DNA replication. Be sure to describe how the final products compare with the initial DNA.Define mutation. Give an example of three different types of mutations and how each mutation might influence protein synthesis.Using the Data Analysis Exercise at the top of page 161 in the textbook, answer the following questions:1) Which cells had the greatest response to an increase in concentration of the engineered RIP?2) At what concentration of RIP did all of the different kinds of cells survive?3) Which cells survived best at 10-6 grams per liter RIP?11077416_10153121716318119_308601754_n.jpg
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