Read and review Chapter 11 in your text. Read “Social Work Policy: Children and Adolescents” and “Social Policy and Advocacy: Violence Prevention”. View the Bradley Episode 7 in the media for this week.
October 15, 2021
Federal Acts and Laws |
October 15, 2021

Read the ACHE healthcare competencies assessment tool.Complete the self-assessment:Based upon your perspective and understanding of this report and the results of your self-assessment, write a 3-to-4-page summary and analysis that includes at least the following:An analysis and critique of the ACHE competencies as a wholeA description and discussion of each of the 5 domainsA description, discussion and analysis of your competencies for each of the 5 domainsAPA writing style is required to include: cover page, double spaced, left justified, paragraph indents, references, and citations but an abstract is not necessary for this assignment. *3-4 pages of content do not include cover page and reference page.


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