The Assignment (2 pages):•Using the NOHS Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals, develop a narrative assessment of the nonfamily member genogram you completed in Week 1.•Explain the cultural influences in family dynamics and relationships prese
September 14, 2021
PCN-445 Topic 8 DQ 2
September 14, 2021

Read the stories, select one theme and Discuss based on the instructions.ENSURE YOU READ THE STORIES, PAYING EXTRA FOR THISTHEME: place and a sense of belongingFor the theme you select, write an essay from that perspective about four stories we have read in this class. You should discuss 4 different stories all together in your essay.You can look at the stories themselves and the discussion forums, but you are not allowed to copy and paste, except for quotes for examples out of the stories. The rest must be in your own words. Your own words is what really counts. Example quotes are good, but don’t make them too long. If you were in a classroom, you could not write huge quotes either, because it would take too much of your time.For each essay, include an introductory paragraph, supporting details, and a conclusion.Quality is the key here, not quantity. These should be 2 short essays, which combined are the length of a term paper. Write two short and to the point essays. Each essay should only have 6 short paragraphs.EXAMPLE:–On top of each essay put the theme you picked and the four stories you are discussing. Then start your essay.–First Paragraph: Intro  (introduce your theme and the 4 stories you are discussing, what points are you making?)–Four Body Paragraph/s: (supporting detail for the theme in each story, and why you think it fits the theme)–Last Paragraph: Conclusion (wrap up your essay, what points did you make?)


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